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Not Advised + Only The Brave + Support APRIL 19TH @ Tunnels

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An amazing band guys CHECK EM OUT!

5 Entry!! DOORS 7.30PM!

Not Advised - NEW THINGS ARE COMING on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

"The kind of shout-along hooks that will ensure blowing your throat out was never more fun" - Kerrang!

"These Southampton based tykes could be giving Lostprophets or Funeral For a Friend a run for their money pretty soon. With bags full of energy, enthusiasm and a plethora of shamelessly addictive pop-punk gems in their musical arsenal, we reckon therell be no stopping this lot on their quest for success" - Rock Sound

"Glossy pop-punk with angst-soaked vocals so catchy they beg you to sing along" - Total Guitar

"Their huge choruses are sure to implant themselves in your brain in no time."- Big Cheese

Watching them onstage is a punch-your-fists-up kind of sing-along experience Punktastic

After seven songs theyre done, and its over far too quickly - Black Velvet


ONLY THE BRAVE (LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


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Broken utopia were truely terrible, i have never ever seen kids slaughter enter shikari, you me at six, and all time low all in the same set.. Their singer had a pretty good scream in him though :up:

First time i've seen Only The Brave and really enjoyed them, they are a good example of how much young talent aberdeen has!

Autumn in Disguise... thoroughly enjoyed this, screamo lady gaga is officially awesome.

Not Advised were fantastic as always, and the new tracks sounded fantastic, can't wait till they release them!

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