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Motorhead - Music Hall, Aberdeen - 8th November.

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I've just noted French Disko posted about this in the Gigs thread before the duplication Nazis get on my case. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

That's it, you're for it now the Rathen-ator is here. :guns:

I'll just combine the threads. If anyone really wants to start a discussion about the Sharlene Spiteri gig, they can start a new one.

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Sepultura have only been awful once that i've seen and that was with Max on the ROOTS tour.

Roots was a fairly gash album from what I remember.

Enough sep talk!

Would quite like to see Raven or even Diamond Head support. Some Nwobhm would make the night perfect! The 8th and 9th already booked off .

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I'll not link to this directly, cos they are scum of the worst kidney, but some of the nazi pigdogs like Lemmy, some think he is a race traitor (still with the old chestnuts), and they use the term Holy-Hoax!! Don't think the fictitious God had much to do with it.

If he says he is anti-racist, which he does, clearly, I'll take that as the answer.

Actually fucks sakes, don't go there, much disturbo.

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