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Anyone recommend an electrician?

Johnny Mac

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In the middle of getting the flat done up.... I thought replacing all the old plug sockets would be a piece of piss.....

How wrong was I!!!

None of the new sockets and fixtures fit in place of the older stuff.... disaster. Completely doing my head in. I just cannot get the things fixed in place.

Can anyone recommend someone?


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We recently used K.F.Watson Electrical. We got the guy that owns the company, think it's quite a small company anyways. He was really good and not expensive compared to a lot of the others there are out there. When we used him, we only had to wait a day or two for him to be able to come round and do the job.

The number for him is 01224 566450.

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Are you just trying to put new fascias onto the existing metal bits in the wall?

If only it was that easy!

No, it's all new boxes into the walls etc as the old ones needed replaced.

The electrician mentioned above is coming to do the job on Thursday and is a really nice guy and very reasonable.

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Yeah, these days you have to watch when doing electrical work because if you get someone that isn't qualified/certified to do it, you can actually make your home insurance void. Not a well known fact but I was reading the small print and discovered this.

Yeah, he's a really nice bloke and he tidies up after himself! Which is always a bonus.

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