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New Headlight Song


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Alreet. We've been busy writing and recording some new songs over the past few months, and we've now put one up on myspace for your perusal, entitled This Is My Empire. It's quite a departure from our previous stuff, so any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated.


Headlight on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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I really like the guitar tone. It's quite well recorded.

Sort of reminds me of that Antlers song, "Two"; not in melody or in lyrics, but in the sense the whole song builds up around the same chord structure without getting boring. I enjoyed listening.

Certainly is a departure from your prior stuff; more mature, I think the loss of the piano has forced you to be a bit more creative with the instruments you have at your disposal and its worked out for the best.

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Guest Gladstone

This is a cracking song. Really like it. Looking forward to hearing more.

I've always liked Headlight, but this is as good if not better than anything you've done before.

Nice one guys!

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Thanks a lot, guys! Aye, it's certainly heavier than our previous stuff; we had to ship a lot of the older tunes after the keyboard vanished, but I think it's given us a bit of a kick up the arse and there's a bit more energy and drive about us that we've maybe lacked in the past.

Keep it coming, y'all.

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