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Re-create that goodfeel sound. And a little something existing bands may wanna know!


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All right? I'm Rick. I'm 20. I'm a huge fan of Indie music and I want to form a local band with people who are around the same age as me, 16-22 years old, I suppose. I can play any instrument but I'd prefer not to do drums as I want to do vocals and I'm not Phil Collins.

Adding Johnny Marr to the line-up was the best thing that the band could do, the man is PURE genius, ken? Any other covers are welcome.

Also wanting to add in, that I'm an amateur Photoshop Artist and if anyone would like a logo or anything made, I'm really wanting to take some requests in. If people geniunely like my work, Imma make a little business out of it but I've no idea what to charge folk.

If anyone's interested, you're more than welcome to give me a buzz;





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