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IgNobel Awards Ceremony - Live stream from Dundee.

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A unique chance to see this year's Ig Nobel Awards Ceremony, streamed live from Dundee to Kings Conference Centre (King's College, King Street, Old Aberdeen). Part of Aberdeen's National Science and Engineering Week Programme, the evening features internationally acclaimed research scientists whose work makes you laugh first, then think. All are taken from the world of academic and scientific research. This year's winners will be explaining:

how your underwear could save you from certain death

why you should always keep a look out for flirtatious ostriches

how to avoid problems when using the word 'The'

what is the best way to avoid sword-swallowing injuries

Join us for the Ig Nobel ceremony, streamed live to Aberdeen on Saturday 13th March. Your Master of Ceremonies for the evening in Aberdeen will be Dr Alun Hughes.

The event is FREE but booking is essential. Please contact Jill Burnett on 01224 273874 or email events@abdn.ac.uk to reserve your free place(s).

More details at: www.abdn.ac.uk/science/ignobel

This event is part of our National Science and Engineering Week Programme, which is available for download at www.abdn.ac.uk/science/nsew

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