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Slayer Dvd Tracklist unveiled

Fast Caz

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SLAYER: Raining Blood Literally - July 15, 2004

SLAYER fan site Slayer Saves has posted a review of the group's July 11 show in Augusta, Maine, which was filmed for an upcoming live DVD, entitled "Reign in Blood Live: Still Reigning". As previously reported, the disc will feature a full performance of the 1986 album "Reign in Blood" by all original members of the veteran thrash metal outfit. The DVD, due on September 28, will have an approximate 75-minute running time and will retail for $14.98. An excerpt from the Slayer Saves review follows:

"The band took a short encore pause from 'Angel of Death' to 'Piece by Piece', same as they did on the Jager tour. Blood rained from the lighting rig upon the beginning of 'Raining Blood' soaking Tom and bloodying Kerry (Jeff avoided the bulk of the blood). The only adverse result of the blood was it killed the sound of Dave's cymbals for the end of the song when once again it poured blood soaking everything including the drums. The effect was quite striking and the crowd was blown away. A blood soaked Tom addressed the cheering crowd with a sneering smile and the words 'We'll see you in HELL.' Comments from people leaving the venue were positive and I think the show was received extremely well. The blood effect was amazing and worth every penny alone." Read the entire review at this location.

Set list from the shoot:

01. Disciple

02. War Ensemble

03. Hallowed Point

04. Necrophiliac

05. Spill the Blood

06. Fight Till Death

07. Payback

08. Dead Skin Mask

09. Mandatory Suicide

10. Hell Awaits

11. South of Heaven

12. Angel of Death

13. Piece by Piece

14. Necrophobic

15. Altar of Sacrifice

16. Jesus Saves

17. Criminally Insane

18. Reborn

19. Epidemic

20. Postmortem

21. Raining Blood

Looks very fucking cool

I will definatly buy this when it comes out.

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Guest highroller

Ahh i thought they were gonna just do a show where they play the album in order and thats it....

thats an awesome set...im fucking down for that. Im buying that..day of release.

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