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Golf Clubs For Sale


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I reallise it's unlikely that I'll find many golf enthusiasts on here but it's worth a shot. Selling a set of golf bats that mock my lack of golfing skills from the confines of my shed. Consists of:

1 x Slazenger driver (steel I think. I lost the 3 wood somewhere)

4,5,6,7,8,9,PW and SW irons, all by Dunlop. They were regripped a couple of years ago before I bought them (apart from the 6 iron which frankly is an accident waiting to happen).

Putter, which I blame for most of my lack of golfing prowess.

Rather snazzy dark blue golf bag, which will make you the envy of everyone on the fairway.

Learn to play golf like Tiger Woods and you too can bang loads of slutty lap-dancers!

Looking for 30, which is a bargain really. Suitable for beginners / people who can't play golf.



Get in quick or they're going in Scot-Ads!

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Pretty sure it was 20, the thread's still here somewhere.

Doesn't really matter though if you can get more for them that's fair enough. I deliberately didn't mention it, but seeing as you don't want people here to buy them I thought it'd be funny to point it out now.

You robbing bastard.

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