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ok, finally need to sell some gear that I'm not using:

Mamiya RB67 Medium Format Camera with 120mm C lens and polaroid back

Nikon f301 35mm camera with bag and vivitar flash

Nikon 18-135mm DX lens

Any serious offers considered before i stick em on ebay. All in good condition.

I'll try and do some pictures tomorrow at some point.

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I was interested in the RB67, but that's a bit steep, you can get them for around 200 - 300 online, and that's not just on ebay. What lens have you got on it, or are you just asking that for the body?

hmm, the going rate on ebay and ffordes is around 400 and that's just for the body and the 90mm C lens. I'm chucking in a polaroid back as well as the 120 back so still pretty good value and it's in good condition with no marks on the lens.


Mamiya RB67


18-135 lens


24-120 lens


nikon f301

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Cool. Have you managed to get any photos of it yet? Would this be good for a beginner?

yea the f301's a good film camera to start with. it was my first proper camera and the one i used for a lot of my college work a few years ago. a very solid well built camera.

if i've got any 35mm film kicking about i'll chuck that in too.

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