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Drummer (Shock Horror)

Alan Badge

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Looking for a drummer for original band.

Line up is Vox/Guitar, Guitar/ Backing Vox, Bass, Drums.

We've had real shit luck with the line up this will be our fourth drummer through no fault of our own and not due to the musicianship, ego's or shite tunes!

We've been trying hard to get steady rehearsals and get the tunes to gig standard.

We dont have a Myspace or a demo because we have'nt had a solid line up long enough to name the band or record a demo! ( NO this post is'nt a wind up)

Our influences are really varied The Black Crowes, Stone Roses, Foo Fighters, The Beatles. The Stones. The Black keyes, Radiohead, Led Zep, Rage against the machine etc etc.

We just want to get a set together do a demo, do some gigs and most of all have fun playing music.

Most important thing no egos.!

Anyone interested please PM me.


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