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The Gloria Flaw EP


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For anyone who is interested in the band, we've finished our new EP "A War With Words" and we're having a launch party in Forres on Sunday 18th July, details are -

The Gloria Flaw

Findo Gask

The Upstarts

Dan Against The World

Sunday 18th July

The Mosset Tavern, Forres

Doors 7pm, 4

However, they will be on sale for our mini tour, and the first date of that is 31st July at the lemon tree. The mini tour consists of -

31st July - The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen. Doors 9pm, 5.

1st August - The Portland Club, Inverness. 3

5th August - QMU, Glasgow. 3

6th August - The Loft, Forres. Doors 9pm. (supporting thisGIRL and X is Loaded) advance tickets 6, 7 on the door.

We'll post as soon as our EP is available in One-up (Aberdeen), and Sound & Vision and Urbanology (both in Elgin).

If anyone would like to be added to our mailing list contact us at thegloriaflaw@hotmail.com.



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Guest highroller

i got a sneak peak off of Niall TGF and mark nicol at Exile a couple of weeks back...its all good...the song i heard rocked...sounds phat as well...proper tele rock...proper good!!

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Track listing is -

A Fight With Something You Can't See (the one with the funk ending)

Template For Dominance (on demo cd, 3 way shouty/screamy song)

The Right Light (the instrumental on which lewis also plays guitar)

The Difference Is (the song we usually close our set with)

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