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Debutant / conquering animal sound @ dhc - 1st april - 10pm

Steven Milne

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Gerry Loves Records launch night featuring Debutant and Conquering Animal Sound with support from Brother Louis Collective

Gerry Loves Records is a brand new label based in Edinburgh, releasing vinyl singles by their favourite up and coming artists, all of whom will hopefully move on to bigger and better things. Their first release is a split single from Conquering Animal Sound and Debutant released 5th April 2010.

Find out more: Gerry Loves Records or Gerry Loves Records | Facebook


Debutant on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Debutant is one man, a guitar and a voice. Although he writes and sings songs, hes certainly not a singer-songwriter in the traditional sense. Think dreamy pop songs augmented by textured atmospheric soundscapes. Or something like that.

Having plied his trade in bands, Phillip began writing songs and compositions that didnt suit the style of the bands he was in. So he purchased a loop pedal and figured hed do it all himself. He played his first set in April 2008 and has since played with artists such as Glissando, Meursault, Immanu El, Ballboy, Over the Wall, Copy Haho, David Grubbs, Viking Moses, The Pictish Trail, Vessels, Found, The Xcerts and Hugh Cornwell. In January 2009, Debutant did a 2 week tour of Scotland, England and Ireland.

Debutant loops and layers guitars, creating shimmering atmospheres over which he adds delicate, breathless and dreamy vocals. The songs are deceptively simple yet affecting. Having relocated to Edinburgh in 2009, 2010 will see Debutant release a full-length album, with a tour to promote the album in the autumn.

"My first impressions of the theatre were of immediate warmth and hospitality, the BandStAnd at The Barron night commenced in understated fashion as Phillip Quirie slinked on stage as the solitary member of the one-man dream, ambient shoe-gaze project, Debutant. Lulling us all with the calming reassuring flow of Means to An End, the easing warm current of his music ably conveys an evocative gentle landscape, allaying the anxieties of even the most troubled souls. Armed with only a guitar, loop pedals and reverb unit his delicate voice and subtle picking and vibrato directs the ebb and flow, and nuances of delicacy that create the shimmering dynamics on offer, Thirst and King of Doublespeak proving to be the highlights of a set that ends in a surprisingly intense fashion." isthismusic?


Conquering Animal Sound on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Conquering Animal Sound is made up of Anneke Kampman and James Scott. A musical project in its infancy but one that is filled with much promise and potential. Already making great waves within the musical community of Edinburgh their live show is something of awe-inspiring greatness, creating loops, beats and samples out of anything and everything with Annekes sumptuous vocals carrying the sounds to what seems like a new world. A debut album is in the works - set to be released via Gizeh Records/Mini50 later in the year. Big things are predicted for the band in 2010.

"Meticulously built up vocal, laptop and electric guitar loops that evolve into spookily charming minimalist incantations." - The List

"Kampmans gorgeous intone floats telepathically into the tapestry of guitar and loops created by Scott. Recalling the minimalistic dalliances of Scandinavian progressives Mm, CAS are quite unlike anything youll hear in Scotland today" - The Scotsman

Also performing:


Brother Louis Collective on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


The Brother Louis Collective is a stunning new group born in 2006 out of early student days in Glasgow and gathered round the precocious talent of the young foot-stamping, faintly maniacal singer/song-writer Louis Abbott, 21, influences Springsteen, Tom Waits, Elbow, Low, Midlake, the Fence folks, Bright Eyes BLC adds clarinet, flute, double bass and two jaw-dropping voices to the usual indie line-up to smash through their joyous, heart-filled, orchestral and beautifully eccentric and well crafted songs. Louis is proud to be Scottish and his accent is to the fore in his singing, contrasting magically with the Northumbrian tones of Sarah Hayes.






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