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Car / van hire

RF Scott

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Hey folks,

I'm looking for a very cheap solution to the following problem;

- need to get 3/4 people and a reasonable amount of equipment (no drumkit or bass stack or anything like that) plus some bags from here/Glasgow to Cardiff on the 8th March, and then back again around the 21st. So it'd only be two days of driving.


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Cheap Car Hire: 100s off hire & insurance costs...

obviously aimed more at cars but the price comparison sites will be useful and also, if you are going to be renting, it will come with a huge excess like most car/van rentals so the part about car hire insurance is well worth a read.

I did it when renting a car down south for around london/dorset. Its a tenner to cover the excess through an independent company or something stupid like 15 a day with your rental company. Just saves you forking out something 500 in excess if some stupid fucker hits you.

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Richard did you have any luck with this?!

Reason I ask is that we are in DIRE need of a van to use on Monday. Our bastard vehicle failed its MOT and we are awaiting the repairs. We need to transport all 4 of us + our gear to BBC Studios in Glasgow for COTC's session with Vic Galloway.

If any one reading this can help, please PM me!



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