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Jackson DKMG


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Right so i decided to redo this post as my other one was really shit haha.

Basically, got a Jackson DKMG in black for sale. It is currently 494 on GAK.

It comes with and EMG 81 and 85, however I removed these and put them into my LTD, and put the esp pick ups into the Jackson. I don't notice a major difference in sound to be quite honest, except the EMG's are slightly warmer sounding.

It has a licensed floyd rose which works fine, and has a whammy bar. It has recently been restrung.

The back panel which reveals the springs for the floyd rose is currently off, and i do not know where it is, but i will have a hunt for it. but it doesn't affect the guitar in anyway and you cannot see it.

It has a bolt on neck and is a very good guitar, not to mention the very good looking reversed headstock.

hoping for about 150 ONO.

Trying to save for a Sabian cymbal pack haha.

Any questions just pm me, hope it helped.

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