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For Sale - Laney VH100r Head + Randall 2x12 Cab


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I'm selling my Laney VH100r and Randall 2x12 Cab. The Laney comes with the manual, and fitted padded cover. Amp needs a revalve, and one button on the pedal is not working (Drive for Channel A). However, the pedal itself has been tested, and works fine, so i think it just requires a need cable, which is just a standard Midi cable (5 Pin)

I'm looking for 500 for the two together.

If you are interested, or have any questions, let me know.



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Hello, I'm really intrested in your laney head. i do hope you still have it. It sounds like its alittle banged up from what you described though. I'd like to see some pictures of it if it is still for sale. I probobly won't be replying to a reply to this post, as i only made this account to post this reply, so email me at derekf08@hotmail.com if you are still intrested. Thanks!

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Interested in a trade for a small body Ibanez Destroyer DTX120? Limited edition one with all black hardware, with a (white) IronGear Steamhammer in the bridge and white control knobs? Looks the business, fitted with a fairly snazzy leather strap lock strap (never seen another one like it!) and a cheeky "Custom" control knob?


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