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Pick up's... the age old question...

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Hey, I was just looking at all my guitars and realised... They're all EMG's.

I've got an ESP Urban Cam M-II which has dual 81's..and an LTD H-100 with the same set up and a Jackson with HZ's

Now firs off i'll say the HZ's are awful... i cannot abide them...Any other options? I wil lsay that my genre is typically Metal..

JB's? Screamin' Demons' Bare knuckles??

Any insight would be great thanks..

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I've recently got myself a Warpig, and it absolutely slays everything I've had in the past, including the BK Miracle Man, which is BK's second hottest PU, I believe. Definitely worth the punt. Incredibly versatile for a hot pickup too. With EMG's, I found it was either all or nothing, where as rolling off the volume on the Warpig, and even switching on the coil tap, gives it a whole different range of tone to roam around.

The Ceramic Warpig sounds a bit clearer and a tad brighter than the Alnico one too, in my opinion. It's alot of wedge, but it's better than spending less on something not as good.

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I am still fond of my EMGs most of the time.

My favourite passive pickup was definitely my Warpig. I went for the alnico one so that it had a bit more warmth. The Nailbomb (from BK too) is great as well, less top end bite than the Warpig, but very fat sounding (got one for sale ;) ).

From Seymour Duncan the Full Shred is great. Holds up very well even downtuned. The Invader is ok, but sucks in a band situation. The Alternative 8 is meant to be an Invader with clarity but I haven't tried it yet. The JB is ok as well, but I don't like it's response when you tune down. Stay away from the Dimbucker - sucks! The Bill Lawrence L500-XL does what the Dimebucker wants to but properly!

I can't comment on the DiMarzio Super Distortion as I've only used it at the neck (stock on the DFH I have).

You're correct though on the HZs sucking. :laughing:

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