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Barberos & Mr Peppermint urgently seek show somewhere in n.e. - this tuesday


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BARBEROS - multiple drummers, live visuals, synth-noise n stuff. also SPANDEX.


MR PEPPERMINT - guitarist/drummer, spacey, reverby ruckus w/ pounding beats.

These two bands are about to start a UK tour this week. Problem is they can't seem to find anywhere in the north-east of Scotland on the 23rd FEB, that's THIS TUESDAY. Yes, incredibly short notice. I think these guys are aware of that though, they are really keen just to play somewhere and will listen to any offers.

Thought I'd post this here just to see if I could find anyone, anywhere in the north/north-east willing to arrange some sort of show on that date. The bands contact details and audio can be found via their myspaces, linked to above.

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funnily enough, I doubt they can get someone to put em on since they played last week in Abz and nobody has heard of the other band

tour planning fail

Van - check

4 head to toe spandex uniforms - check

2 drum kits - check

2 synthesiser thingies - check

laptop - check

projector - check

screen for projector - check

clean pants and socks - check

snacks etc. - check

Right, I think that's everything. Now where to?

Ah fuck it!

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So how did this go then? I know it's early yet but wanted to check before i fall asleep...

Was fookin ace. Aside from the fact there was about 10 folk there. Seriously though, not seen drumming as good as that in drummonds possibly ever. The spandex thing I thought was gonna be some hipster gimmick but it actually worked well with the whole art school vibe of the night. That peppermint fella is loud!

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barberos completely defied my expectations. was thinking they'd be like boredoms, more like "come to daddy"-style aphex twin, performed live. amazing. really hope they'll come up again at longer notice, to entice the audience they deserve.

mr peppermint were as just as great as they were back at cellar, with the added bonus of fraggle rock (animated) visuals. i forgot that show existed!

i'm happy.

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