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Le Stu

Robert Green

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I thought you were talking about the West Ham Keeper....

Maybe the police will too!

If you don't hear from me in a few days I'm probably down in Queen St nick having my kidneys massaged. :up:

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Robert Green is an absolute looney to believe all this although im sure his heart is in the right place, The girl, im sure was almost certainly abused at some point but on nowhere near the scale her mother claims.

But then it all depends on whether you take the fact that her mother is writing everything for her and is mentally unstable

The girl is a victim, green is too because he is retarded but so too are those who have had their home addresses posted and been threatened and abused even though they have done nothing wrong.

The mother is vindictive and is trying to get back at former enemies whom she sees as the cause of her, extremelly embarrasing breakdown

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