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Fat Hippy Night w Point of Origin, Audiokicks, DTC, Deportees, Lorelei - 26 Feb

Oedo 808

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Hi folks,

My band Point of Origin are playing the Fat Hippy night on Feb 26th. I'll let the other bands do their own promo cos that way we'll get to see who the best promoter is, but you should all pop down to see us anyway.

We are a rock band with pop, rock and pop influences - y'know the sort. Plenty of strings to our bow 'n the like, heaps of harmonies and world beating songs!

Familiar poasters like masel and Milner (now banned) are in the band, as is Ryan (formerly of Point of Origin) and Stephen (DJs on a Sunday in Exodus).

It's sure to be a fine, sweet and savoury treat, so dinna miss it or yi winna forgive yersel!

Also, here's an old photo of us in a barn.


And a newer one from The Lemon Tree


Point of Origin on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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