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Desalvo...tonight...dr Drakes!!!!!

Dizzy Storm

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DESALVO ARE AMAZING!!! (allan stuart from Idelewild's 'other band')

Desalvo were formed in 1999 with members from ex p.h. family and fretlin. all the band members had the same ideas which was to try to blend all the styles of all the band members tastes of metal, complex rock, proto punk, and prog rock to name a few ideas that they all wanted to experiment with. the idea was to start a song in one place and to end it in a totally different place, with consideration to all tastes if possible within context.

during this time the band played gigs with several leading local bands in the both metal and indie rock scene with a tour with Idlewild being a highlight of that time...

The band have had 3 releases, a three song double square single that was supposed to only be a demo but was released nontheless (a Kerrang! listening favourite), a 6 track sampler cd split with local bands from the metal scene, and a track on the Rock Mess Monster compilation album and finally the Tonguescaper ep which they released themselves through local record shops and got uk distributed.

Desalvo have a release coming out on Rocksounds' Darren Saddler's label Undergroove with ex Will Haven...

they are currently working on new material to complete an album soon...


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