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Music Photographer for Bands/Solo artists

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I've been working with a camera for several years but now I want to get some more experience photographing live music and for promotional material. I have some limited experience already. No complaints about any work so far.

Although most venues are okay with photographers a photo pass always helps and most venues in Aberdeen will give some more elbow room if you have one.

Any style of music or any venue is fine by me. :band:

When you contact me I don't charge you anything. I will not charge you for turning up. The only point where money will (possibly) change hands is if you want to buy the CD with your photos off me and I'm not going to charge more than 15-20 for that. I won't charge if I think I did a crap job. I will also hold onto any originals for my own archive.

Interested? Then let me know.

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