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take a worm for a walk week


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I like TAWFAWW, but not a fan of that really. It's lost a lot of the craziness it had before and don't like the vox. Sounds like they're going for a Daughters-esque drunk type vocal delivery... The cover of whip it was pure genius :up:

Daughters on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads if you haven't heard of them. I love them, but TAWFAWW just fall flat on their face in comparison to these guys.

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Don't really think the comparison between Take A Worm and Daughters is that valid, I like Daughters but they have no real hooks/sense of melody, whereas I find Take A Worm to be a lot more catchy/listenable anyway. Well, relatively speaking of course!

Seeing bands taking a different direction musically is not always something I like, but they seem to have managed it pretty well going by this new song, I reckon.

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