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Virus hypochondria!


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I need some advice, yo!

A pdf document (called changelog.pdf) automatically downloaded itself through FireFox from one of those "win something for nothing" websites. It originated (so said the FireFox download manager) from a .ru address. When I went to delete the file I accidentally opened it. It told a warning, possibly something to do with no text, I closed it and sent it to the recycling bin. Pretty dodgy.

My antivirus (fully updated sophos) hasn't picked up anything. Should I trust it and carry on using internet banking etc. or is there further steps I should take?

Cheers in advance for any help,


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The fact a warning came up is quite interesting, it could mean that it didn't actually get to deliver the payload (the PDF contains a virus) so you might be ok.

If you download the latest update for Adobe Reader you should be fine against future attacks of the same kind:

Adobe confirms PDF zero-day attacks. Disable JavaScript now | Zero Day | ZDNet.com

The fact that you're anti-virus didn't pick up anything is probably a good sign as well.

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