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Tim & Sams Tim & The Sam Band With Tim & Sam + Esperi + Amber Wilson - Thu 20 May


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AGP is delighted to announce the return of the magnificent


support from Esperi & Amber Wilson

Thursday 20th May 2010 - The Tunnels - 7.30pm

14+ show

Tickets 5 from One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb!

Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

esperi on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Amber Wilson (new songs up) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Tim and Sam return to Aberdeen in anticipation of their new debut album "Life Stream". If you didnt catch them last time we had them up, I think the quotes below pretty much sum it up...

"Tim and Sam make music for the entrance foyer of heaven." (Manchester Music)

"The Manc oufit make music as snug as a warm winter blanket; all folk-drenched pastoral psychedelia with an extra sprinkling of ethereal wooziness." (Manchester Evening News)

"Like listening to Sigur Rs, without the worry of deciphering Hopelandic." (The Guardian)

"Blissed out folk in the manner of Tunng." (Planet Sound)


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Not too long until this one now. Really, really enjoyed last time they played and with the three awesome supports this is going to be great. Been loving Loch Lomond since they were added. Truly beautiful along with all the other bands.

If anyone so much mutters a word during any of these sets I will be armed with suitable weapons (that make no noise) :)

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This is on Thursday everyone! Woo!

Just had the pleasure of watching them at The Great Escape on Friday and theyre sounding brilliant.

If I havent stressed enough yet Loch Lomond are also absolutely beautiful! Make sure you come down early to catch them and Amber before Esperi!

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Oh lord! I have just discovered the headliners, but LOCH LOMOND!! I played them on my radio show a year or so back and absolutely fell in love with them! Wonderful band! I am gonna get down to this! Do you know what time the gig is likely to finish? Buses and all....

Stage Times will be:

8.15pm Amber Wilson

9pm Loch Lomond

9.45pm Esperi

10.30pm Tim & Sam

Hope you can make it!

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Wait a minute. Is this just two guys called Tim & Sam?

nope they are a full band - I just couldnt bring myself to type the whole name again

But just for you its Tim & Sams Tim & The Sam Band with Tim & Sam

There is a Tim, but not a Sam - just a Becca, Adam and Jamie.

Affa good like!

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Fantastic night. Thanks to everyone who came and of course all the bands. Im currently surrounded in bed by members of Tim and Sam and they are probably cowering on the floor as I type thinking the noise is me doing bad things, but seriously loved tonight. Amber was brilliant as always, Loch Lomond were so good I ended up buying 3 cd's, Esperi as always was wonderful and again really liked Tim & Sam.

So best go to sleep now - crazy golf trip in the morning apparently! :)

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