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TUFF WAX RECORDS - our new vinyl-only record label, based in Aberdeen

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

I might have mentioned this in passing on the boards before, but here's the official announcement.

Tuff Wax Records!

Tuff Wax is a new venture run by myself and Adam Easy Wishes, aiming to restore some faith in the medium of vinyl, expose new music, get Aberdeen hiphop/beats/dubstep stuff out there and build/restore the music community around here. We'll be doing 7" and 12" releases, parties, gigs and podcasts. First up is TWX-001 which you can read about here! 322 copies pressed, but a few of these will go out to radio/club DJs and magazine/webzine reviewers so the final figure available to buy will be slightly smaller.


Get involved!

1. Release date is March 13th and we're trying to book a gig for Saturday the 12th - Tunnels and Cafe Drummond are booked up, can anybody help or suggest somewhere else to approach?

2. Our website is truly awful - can someone help us throw together something really simple and effective that will basically show RSS feeds from the blog/twitter pages? In return you can have a year of free releases and gig/night/party entry.

3. Add/follow us and stay up to date with news:




The Tuff Wax Records Blog

We'll be putting up a pre-order link shortly so that you can pay ahead and collect a copy on the night of the release party (if it ever gets booked!).

We're working on the next release already, but in the near future hope to be putting out all kinds of stuff. If you're interested in working with us, give us a shout too. :up:

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Guest Tam o' Shantie
I love this. Do you think you'll be expanding into any other genres?


personally, i'm interested in putting out instrumental soul/funk 45s, hip hop 12s and something along the lines of breaks/beats/dubstep/etc

i also like the idea of garage/surf/rock n roll type stuff and majorly excited about doing some dub stuff too.

adam's tastes, i can't speak for.

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no, just a signed confirmation that you have the right to press copies of the master recording

dug your dnb tunes btw...forgot to say

Nice one cheers,did you like any of the funk stuff?Interstellarstomp has been played by Kid Proquo at Cut Edit Rewind and it's been played on Northsound a couple of times too.

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