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New Marionettes song!


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Hey everyone, how do?

Just finished recording for the first time in over a year and came up with a few new songs for ya'll to hear.

Marionettes on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

The first one is on our myspace called "Forget The Gap", recorded in our very own guitarist's bedroom and to coin a phrase, "we're affa proud of it".

So it's a bedroom recording and the first one done with our new line up in place, will be good to hear what you think in comparison to our older stuff as we have a view to release something in the not too distant future.

Gee it a listen and post here with your feedback it's all welcomed!



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I have to admit, it took me quite a while to warm to you guys, but now I have I'm a bit hooked. A dirtier, bassier keyboard part would make 'Forget the Gap' a bit beefier, if that makes anything near sense.

Impressive stuff. And you put one of my quotes on your myspace, you guys are making me blush...

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I like this song. It's dancy an' as frenetic and catchy as I'd expect it to be.

The synth part is good, but the tone needs altered as Euan said. Id' like to hear it a bit squelchier.

Pretty great for a bedroom recording.

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Leave Tim alone, he's REPRESENTIN yo. But yeah thanks for the nice comments guys. Like Daryl said we recorded this in my bedroom (Daniel Bedingfield style) and it took a fair bit of work to get them sounding alright. Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys!

ps aye I'd better change my logo thing too. Oi Oi!!!!

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Guest Gladstone

Really, really liking this dudes.

It's typical Marionettes, but slightly more mature, which makes sense because you're a bit older...

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the new tunes.


EDIT: This sounds amazing for being recorded in a fucking bedroom. Can we record our new EP in your bedroom too??

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Guest Gladstone
Hey everyone,

Just put up another recording from the Runcie bedroom sessions.

Any more feedback would be great, also we have no idea why it's called "Dora".....it just is.

This is the song I was trying to tell you I really liked at the Drummonds gig. "Wasting time" was the repeated phrase I couldn't remember.

I really like this song - it does sound much better live though in my opinion. There's something a bit strange about the vocal on the recording. Can't put my finger on it - it doesn't actually sound like Paddy singing, which is weird.

The song is fucking great though.

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Guest Gladstone
Thought I'd stick this here, doesn't deserve a whole new thread!

We've just uploaded a video that I've been editing as part of a uni project to our myspace, enjoy!

Its a live version of Forget the Gap from practice.

Derek is just fucking awesome.


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