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Oedo 808

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Oh yes,

Infact the type of music i play is defined by what kind of groupie i wanna get. I play in a power metal band and our groupies are generally goth/metal girls which really isn't my thing so i started a happy hardcore/commercial trance band for the sole purpose of getting some hot girls who aren't covered in tattoos or have a face full of metal.

Anyone got any interesting groupie stories?

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BTW, are you guys still playing and if so where and when?

yeah Brian, next gig is at snafu on the 18th of feb. can put you on the guestlist if you like? or else there is a couple of gigs in march we are doing, i'm not sure when those ones are like.

don't mean to jack the thread, i'll just point out that there are no groupies that follow marionettes

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You don't love groupies, you only tell them that, so you can fuck them next time you are in town.

THE BIG QUESTION IS - are there any Cynthia Plastercaster types stalking the Aberdeen band scene?.

I'd love my cock immortalized in some sort of rubber, it would make a pretty handy tool for loads of stuff that needs a bash - like the sort delivered by a rubber mallet.

I'd get a suction pad on the end, so I could stick it to the kitchen wall and hang tea towels and an oven glove off it.

I would rent it out to groupies by the hour, and have special weekend rates for especially horny ladies.

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