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Ablach: Aon - Released as pay what you want download, free option available...


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Some Reviews:

Zero Tolerance Magazine - Issue 032 - 18/11/09

Rating: 4/6 - Commendable.

I remember being suitably impressed with these guys when I saw them live in London not too long ago, and the supreme intensity they had onstage, which in some cases can be lost when a band enters the studio, is definitely not lost on Aon. Musically lying somewhere between Repulsion and Nasum, these guys will lay waste to your stereo with their hard-hitting crusty grind. The 13 tracks on offer here also include excellent covers of Napalm Deaths Unchallenged Hate and Terrorizers Corporation Pull In not that you should need any further incentive to pick up this great release!

Terrorizer Magazine Issue 189 0ct 2009 Reviewer: James Hoare

Rating: 7.5/10 Excellent.

Closely aligned with crust/grind punks Filthpact and Autopsy-worshipping death primitives Bonesaw, Aberdeens furiously old school grindbastards Ablach follow their jaw-dropping 2008 demo with as vicious a debut as anything with an early MOSH catalogue number. Influenced by the crunchy extremity of From Enslavement To Obliteration and informed by the history and culture of Scotland, dual vocals spit out paeons to historical betrayal and contemporary failure in English and Gaelic, neatly underlining the difference between nationalism and nationality as being prepared to confront and catalogue not only injustices against your kin past but of the injustices they themselves perpetrated, proving Alba every bit as perfidious as Albion. The musical reference points may not be lighting fireworks in the aisles of Rough Trade but serious statements require direct, unsubtle acts of communication and as the anarchopunks discovered when their message fell on deaf ears, there was nowt more effective than the brutal blast of old school crust/grind.

Kerrang Magazine Issue 1276 29/08/09 Reviewer: Dan Slessor

Rating: KKKK/KKKKK Excellent.


Embracing the all out fury of Brutal Truth and Insect Warfare and possessed of the gigantic, grimy sound of early Raging Speedhorn, this vomited up pile of poisonous filth is definitely worth falling into. Sounding like they really, really want to hurt you, the malicious intent and sheer ferocity that seethes through every single track here is exhilarating, the rawness of the recording maintaining a punkish edge that is the perfect match for such unpleasant music. With only one track breaking the 2minute mark, Ablach ensure that their attack is precise and yields the most devastating results possible, making sure theres not a seconds opportunity for relief. Lovely.

Download: Gibbetted

For Fans Of: Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer.

Also: A music video Ablach recently made with Phil Robinson for 'Confessit & Declait Furth' is now up here:

Ablach Myspace: Ablach on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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what's ll this pish - ,Hacksaw Hystorectomy,Historical Temples and Hysterical Brothels,??

103 downloads and over 400 views of the video though. Nae bad in what... a week?

Hacksaw Hsytorectomy is my obligatory one man gore/porno grind band.

Historical Temples and Hysterical Brothels is my vietnamese soft rock power band.

Pahh stats! I want some my royalties... Atleast someone could call me prince... Or the artist formerly known as "Vishnu".

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