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YouTube - Sylosis - Last Remaining Light This song as 2 epic solos (3:55-5:00 and the outro), although my fave Sylosis one is The Bereaved, sooo much emotion in that solo. WIsh they would rerecord it as it's on their first EP when lineup was quite different

YouTube - Sand and Snow - Light This City Closing solo to this. They are sooo much better than Arch Enemy imo. As you can also see I'm a sucker for harmonized playing.

YouTube - Conducting From the Grave - When Legends Become Dust Amazing clean solo at the end. Not complex really but the tone is awesome.

Gotta have some Mattias Eklundh. Has such a unique style.

Love this song, and amazing solo.

Bet no one else was thinking of those! I'll see if I can think of any that anyone else might actually know... The Martyr song I wanted wasn't on youtube :(

I will leave you with instrumental metal cartoon music! Cos it's awesome.. and it sounds like cartoon music.

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Hmmmm... solos. Dont really like the standard metal shredding solos, prefer something more melodic myself.

Kyuss - "Writhe" is probably my favourite, just brilliantly undertstated.

Some good Dinosuar Jr ones, including "Out There" (actually the intro)

And Neil Youngs choppy solos are always good, I really like "Southern Man" and "Down By the River".

Oh, and I love the bit in the Skynrd "Free Bird" solo when after a mighty spurt of wankery it kicks back into a kind of boogy rhythm. I just imagine the grins on those guys faces when they were recording that :)

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