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Hi Guys I'm Looking To Compile A List Of The Greatest Guitar Solos Ever And Would Appreciate Your Help. You Know The Stuff I Want, I'm Sure You ALL Have Your Favourites And Reasons Why. Please Share Them


Every Thurs 22.00 - Midnight

Shmufm 99.8fm on The Dial

And Online @ Shmu community media productions

The Essential Collection With Johnny Dee Is The Most Diverse, Ecclectic and All Encompasing Music Based Radio Show ANYWHERE!!!!

Having No Commercial Radio Station Constraints Allows Me To Blur The Standard Broadcasting Rules And Flit Effortlessley Between All Genres And Timelines...

With A Slightly Biased Guitarist/Blues/Rock/Soul/60's Psychadelia/New Wave/Acoustic/Live Performance/Festival/Album Track Slant, In The Last Few Weeks The Playlist Has Showcased Nearly Everyone Who Is Anyone In The Music Industry Incl:

The Doors / Pink Floyd / The Stones / Cream / Peter Green / Muddy Waters / Paolo Nutini / The Who / Otis Redding / Creedance Clear Water Revival / Elbow / Jimi Hendrix / Neil Young / Ray La Montagne / Them Crooked Vultures / Led Zeppelin / Government Mule / The Stranglers / The Clash / Acdc / Santana / Nina Simone / BB King / Florence And The Machine / Marvin Gaye / Small Faces / Jeffersoin Airplane / Green Day / Janis Joplin / James Brown / Johnny Cash / Fleet Foxes / Beatles / The Kinks / Iron Butterfly / Frank Zappa.

And Anyone Who Has Played Either:

Glasto / Reading And Leeds / Isle Of Wight / And I Must Admit That The P In The Dark Line Up Was Fantastic Last Year / Jools Holland's Later And Hootenanny (Except Jools Holland)

The List Is Endless!!!!

Requests Also Taken.

Local Bands Please Get In Touch To Organise Airplay, Gig Promotion And Live Sets

Why Listen To So Called Local Stations Play Adverts, X Factor Winners And Boybands From A Studio In Glasgow???

Local Station, Local Loon, Global Playlist

Join Me,

Join In,

Get On Board And Share The Love!

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Everyone always says that but it's not even the best solo in a Pantera song.

I think the guy asked what our favourite solos are. I didn't realise I had to discount any that are "popular" for this. Floods is one of my favourites and I don't care that everyone says it. Yes there are better solos in Pantera songs, but I still get a chill every time I listen to it.

I trust I can't say I like the solo in Stairway on the same basis then? Everyone says it because they are all good, surely?

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Am I Evil-Brian Tatler-Diamond Head; for the relentless nature of the tapping section especially.

Stormy Monday-Duane Allman-Allman Bros Band; for the bit when he makes the slide sound like a distorto-moothie

Rapture(album version)-Chris Stein-Blondie; for the perfect example of the short melodic lead, with amazing phrasing and note choice, see also the Richard Lloyd solo on 'Marquee Moon'.

Scene of the Crime-Warren DiMartini-Ratt; for the perfect example of 80s excess soloing, whereby the only real emotional content lies in the expressionistic leads, rather than the charmless goons singing, ace whammy moments

Time Has Told Me-Richard Thompson-Nick Drake; for soloing all the way through a song, yet creating restrained perfection, not overload. I should probably check his vast catalogue out

Any Tom G Warrior solo-Celtic Frost; for turning lack ot technique into an advantage, not a drawback.

Lots of Jazz solos that I can't think of off the top of my head, but I know neither titles, or band members.

Cheap Sunglasses-Billy Gibbons ZZ top; for the perfect two-parter, 1st solo clean-ish, 2nd dirty.

and many more tbc.

EDIT ADD-I Love You Miss Ogyny-Tony McPhee-The Groundhogs; for his take on Classic Rock soloing, this one fits the Heroic category

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Guest Bob Double Jack

ozzy osbourne / randy rhoads: mr crowley solo form the live tribute album

fleetwood mac - go your own way outro solo

steve vai - for the love of god

as oer chris - outro solo from november rain

prob more that I am missing but these really stick out

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