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Support UTG..? Donate a track please :)


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Quick catch-up for anyone who hasn't heard the news....

Sir Ian Wood plans to create a new civic square in Union Terrace Gardens which would put the whole area up to street level. Unfortunately, this would mean the loss of Union Terrace Gardens in its current form, with parts of ancient forests, mature trees and a natural ampitheatre. Peacock Visual Arts have planning permission for a new arts centre in the same space that would rejuvenate the area but would leave the gardens intact. Further info:

Compare the Square. The options for Union Terrace Gardens

Are you a musician? Are you in a band? If you support keeping Union Terrace Gardens I would like to consider donating a track to our compilation CD. All donated tracks can be submitted via Fiona's soundcloud account or via email: carmichaeljayne@hotmail.com



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"We'd rather love than have to hate...

the Oligarchs head served aawwwn a plaaeeeateuh"*


*this bit Jaggeresque

**Legal Note, any talk of dead Oligarchs is purely a Creative response of the Imagination, and should in no way be seen as advocating violence against any individual, even if they harbour megalomaniacal plans of destruction.

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"we can't see the trees for the Wood,

but the Peacock plan is really rather good...whooooah yeahhhhh"

repped :D

Fiona (sae paing) has already commented on Annie Lennox's myspace page asking her if she would like to contribute lol, fingers crossed :popcorn:

The deadline for all contributions is the end of February. We already have six via soundcloud and four from my email.

The way things are going, this is going to be a corker :)

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