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ear protection

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Don't use ear protection live until you're used to the sound. Most ear protection primarily cuts out the tops, before you know it you're amp is so toppy that the audience would need to be bats to appreciate the full sonic content.

Use them at rehearsals, play for a little while, til you're happy, then pop them in and don't adjust anything afterwards without checking with them out. That'll get you used to the dullness of your sound.

I've got a pair which I use when the band has their own engineer, RnB 15 quid, get the vented ones.

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For around 70 pounds and an ear moulding (done for free at NHS), you can get flat response ear plugs. These will cut all frequencies equally so it doesn't sound weird.

I've gto a pair of orange ones I got from b&q that I'm gonna start using. They only really cut highs, so what I would do would be to set my amp first, then plug 'em in. I find the thing that kills my ears the most is the cymbal wash, and hopefully these should cut them out.

However, things do sound really weird with these in, and you look kind of stupid with luminous orange bits of rubber sticking out. Don't think I'd use them live, but definitely for practise.

Am saving up for a pair of the really good ones.

*cough* buy my amp *cough*


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I don't use ear protection.

I'm 17 years old and i reckon I'll be deaf by the time I'm.....................................not much older than I am now.

If you're playing any of my venues you'd better not give a shit about the FOH sound cos with that attitude my earplugs are IN.

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