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Mr Peppermint, Carson Wells, Min Diesel, Y Change Costume @ Cellar 35, 12th February


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MR PEPPERMINT - myspace.com/mrmrpeppermint

A guitar/drums duo from glasgow whose angsty, anxious effects-laden songs are comparable to the music of Liars, Deerhunter, Sonic Youth, maybe late90s/early00s Radiohead even. These guys both used to be in a band called Hyena, who came up here a few times in the past couple of years, they were pretty good.

CARSON WELLS - myspace.com/guyguyrock

This band cite Don Cabellero, Foals and This Town Needs Guns as influences but the mad technical skillz on show in the live performances of their "mathed-up indie jams" will impress all comers.

MIN DIESEL - myspace.com/mindieseluk

Forever overshadowed by the renown of the suit and the suite, this three-piece resorted to drawing upon the musical hallmarks of bands like Sebadoh, Pavement and Stapleton and putting together some tunes.

Y CHANGE COSTUME - myspace.com\ychangecostume

Imagine if Gang Of Four and Lightning Bolt had a child together and then that child grew up and then went and battered me for lazily deploying terrible music-journalist cliches to promote gigs. The ensuing carnage would sound a lot like this band at work.

I believe there'll be someone playing awesome records between the bands too. Righteous.



8PM, 4 ENTRY (18+ only, plskthx)

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QZ, just the one 'e' in our Wells. :)

oops. i can't believe i never noticed that. like even before this gig was arranged i thought that's how it was spelt. i watched "no country for old men" at least 20 times for my dissertation! if only i read the book...

i can't manually edit the first post, for some reason. i'll kindly ask a moderator to change the spelling, as well as add the information that the fantastic Y CHANGE COSTUME are playing.

nice poster dave.

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