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2x Lamb of God w/ JFAC, ABR, BTBAM. for sale. 11th Feb, Barrowlands


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Right folks, uni have been a pain in the arse and scheduled stuff I have to go to on the Thursday afternoon and Friday morning so i can't go to this anymore :( I only bought the ticket for BTBAM but still I've not seen them live in over 3 years so gutted about missing it :down:

If you don't know the acronyms:

JFAC= Job For a Cowboy

ABR= August Burns Red

BTBAM= Between the Buried and Me.

Tix say Lamb of God + Job for a Cowboy, so looks like JFAC are main support.

It's at Barrowlands in Glasgow, Thursday 11th Feb, Doors 7pm.

The tickets were 19.25 inc the mandatory surcharge (love ticketmaster! not) so I'll sell the pair for 32.

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If people are driving and have a spare seat I'd love to go. It's just the problem is I need to be back in Aberdeen on Thursday night... due to the 9am start on Friday it just wouldn't possible for me to travel back in time as I don't drive.

Anyway someone has expressed an interest so atm they be gone

In any case you guys should try go/ I've seen BTBAM before and they are incredible live. I saw Lamb of god play the liquid rooms in Edinburgh when it was open, which if you know is a tiny venue, and they were pretty decent too. You just have to overlook the fact Sacrament and Wrath were crap albums and hope they play lots from Ashes of the Wake :up:

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