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Dean Guitars


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Hi guys,

I friend of mine is thinking of selling a Dean guitar. I think it's from the USA but I could be wrong hence why I'm asking you guys.

Are they any good. I know it's got a locking trem and HB & SC pick ups. It's shaped like a strat though, not one of the V's etc. I just fancy something different. I've look on the Dean site and not found one like it to compare etc.

I normally play Gibsons, a LP, or lately a TV Jnr or Melodymaker.


PS....don't worry Hate Event.....still on!!!!!

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I have got some but I don't know how to get them on here. It's like a strat shape with longer 'horns' for want of a better word for them. SD pick ups and a FR locking trem. The headstock is differnet from most Deans I've seen on the web.....It looks like an old Heritage headstock. I'm going to ask him tomorrow what the model is. I think he said it was made for some guitarist that was an endorsee.

BTW, plan to take the sg back home so you can try the pickups out.

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