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NAPALM DEATH: North American Release Date Set For 'Leaders Not Followers 2' - July 12, 2004

Century Media Records has set an October 5 North American release date for NAPALM DEATH's follow-up album to the "Leaders Not Followers" EP, the long-awaited collection of covers entitled "Leaders Not Followers 2". The album features an appearance on two songs by Jim Whiteley, the band's original bass player on the B-side of the legendary "Scum" album.

As previously reported, "Leaders Not Followers 2" will include the following cuts:


02. THE OFFENDERS - "Face Down In The Dirt"

03. DEVASTATION - "Devastation"

04. HELLHAMMER - "Messiah"

05. ANTI CIMEX - "Victims of a Bomb Raid"

06. WEHRMACHT - "Fright Night"

07. DISCHARGE - "War's No Fairytale"

08. SIEGE - "Conform"

09. MASTER - "Master"

10. INSANITY - "Fire Death Fate"

11. KREATOR - "Riot of Violence"

12. ANTI CIMEX - "Game of the Arseholes"

13. MASSACRE - "Clangor Of War"


15. DIE KREUZEN - "I'm Tired"

16. SEPULTURA - "Troops of Doom"

17. THE DAYGLO ABORTIONS - "Bedtime Story"

18. AGNOSTIC FRONT - "Blind Justice"

19. HIRAX - "Hate, Fear and Power"

This is going to be a very cool album even tho it is all covers but its good to hear a band like Napalm to pay homage to the great bands.

I have heard alot of the songs off this album and if you like heavy music then you will love this.

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