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new Uncalm demo for free.


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Downloaded it a few days ago and only listened to this yesterday.

First of all I have to say that I do not listen to Thrash or whatever this genre is, and I have no real experience in it but I really liked what I heard.

The recording quality is actually really good. Where'd you get this done?

Betrayer is a fucking tune. Some of the rest are so short and loud it's hard for a pop fan such as myself to pick out discernable melody or chord progression but that tune makes me want to kick someones head in. In the best possible way. I liked the rest too but track 3 was a fave.

I like the vocals and the sheer animosity with which the whole thing is delivered. I might actually come see you guys next time yr playing.

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The drums were recorded on a digital 8 track in Clearwater rehearsal rooms in Perth. We then went to Toms Mum and Dad's (also in Perth), imported the raw drum tracks, and then recorded the guitar directly into his computer three seperate times using amp emulators. We then put a mattress against the window and recorded the vocals using a pair of tights on a coat hanger as a spit guard thing.

Sounds stupid, but the results sound ace.

Other recordings Tom has done are...

Grader. on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Tom now works as the engineer for the Clearwater studio.

Next gig is as mentioned before a week on Monday at Drummonds. Should be a good ein.

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