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Rob Karloff

It's *exactly* 1 month until the release of two rocktastic albums by...

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Black Atom and KARLOFF!

Oh yes, Friday the 13th August sees us deafen/scare/impress (delete as appropriate) the clientele of One-Up at 1pm, giving a wee taster of what will follow in the evening at the fabulous Lemon Tree. There, we have Belfast's own Dangerfields, local rocksters Double Jack, followed by the mighty "up and Atom", then culminating in some gore show from a bunch of horror addicts called KARLOFF. We'll have a whole new line of merch on sale, featuring new guys and gals t-shirt prints, genuine vinyl stickers, badges, pendants, and of course our bitchin' new CeeDee "Self Made Monsters".

Be there or be scare....

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Sounds excellent sir and should hopefully make up a little bit for the face that I'm missing out on the ole Ireland trip I'm afraid :(

Have a kickass time over there anyways and you'll see me in attendance at the Lemon Tree in August chucking myself about with any luck :up:

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