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EPIPHONE Les Paul Custom


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okay im starting a new thread due to the last one being completely spammed.

im looking to sell or trade my EPIPHONE les paul custom. if to buy then about 250-300 if to trade then im looking for either an ESP LTD Eclipse or and Ibanez S series or RG series.

at the moment the guitar has emg 81/85 but i can easily replace the pickups with stock if desired.


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I know the feeling dude! Something I have for sale at a good price has been waiting 10 months!

that really sucks... haha...

is it your EMG 81? ;)


ive got a mate who might buy it for 300 but ill have to wait and see...

im torn between LTD and ibanez, i can get a few decent LTDs on GAK.co.uk for about 250+

but theres also a couple of decent ibanez's for the same price... :(

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