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FS: Traben Chaos Attack 4 bass guitar


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Hi there

I've decided to sell my Traben Chaos Attack 4 bass. I bought it in August last year (had to get it across from the States), has not been gigged, only seen occasional band practice and recording duties. It is a 34" scale bass with a royal paulonia body and a burled maple top (with matching headstock), bolt on 24 fret maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, abalone inlays. 2 stingray style humbuckers with 5 way switch (all bridge, outer single coils, all, inner single coils, all neck) and 3 band EQ. 18V preamp. Chaos internal bridge - through body or top load stringing and locking saddles.

Currently string with D'addario half rounds 45-100s. It is in mint condition, no dings, no rash. It is a lightweight bass, would be great for long gigs. It's also very difficult to photograph! Better photos coming, or come and see it. More info here: ' + title + '<\/title> <\/head> <body bgcolor= \"' + colour + '\"> <center>'); newwindow.document.writeln('<img src=' + url + ' title=\"' + title + '\" alt=\"' + title + '\" >'); newwindow.document.writeln('<\/center> <\/body> <\/html>'); newwindow.d

The distributor recommended price for one of these is 485.33 ( Traben Chaos Attack 4 Bass - Chaos - Rosetti ), the best price I could find is 429 ( Traben Chaos Attack - Granite (32TRACA4G) from GigGear.co.uk ). There is no UK stock of this bass at the moment. From the States you're looking at about 278 + 70 shipping + 60 VAT = 408 (probably more fees on top from couriers etc.).

With all that in mind, I'd like 350 for the bass.





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