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new Black Channels demo.


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Despite them being pretty hit or miss live, I do with they would play more gigs. I've only listened to some sort of curse, because my computer is dying some death, but it sounds cool. Definitely slower and less frenetic that the first ep - not sure if it's better though. Other songs similar?

Although the recordings are decent, I wouldn't say they were as good as the uncalm or grader ones, which is a little strange. Maybe it's just the sound they/tom were going for. Voskillz are good.

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I would say the recordings are def just as good, just a different sound, which is to be expected. Stand out track is "An Understanding"

Fucking incredible stuff.

I've tried several times to get 'em up here to no avail. Maybe they don't like my Myspace message tone... I wouldn't.

Hopefully soon.

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