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Guitar player OCD


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Just had a bit of a tidy of my guitar stuff, for some reason (that i cant even explain to myself) i have kept EVERY packet of strings that i have ever used thus far! o_O i've literally hundreds of those little paper pockets that slinkies came in and heaps of D'addario sleeves......

i've also kept every un-broken string i removed from a guitar to freshen up the strings, that was just incase i snapped a new string and urgently needed a replacement..... but i also found 7 un-open packets of brand new strings and 5 partly used packets!! :laughing:

so any other musicians got a perticarly bad OCD habbit......

p.s. do the D'addario points work in the UK? i've probably enough points to purchase a >50% share of the d'addario company!!

some string sleeves yesterday:


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dunno if i would call it OCD or not...but ive got a wierd habit of opening up every pedal ive got, and swapping the inputs and outputs around.

maybe im just a general freak! i am a lefty after all...:)

Nah lefties arent freaks....Ive tried leftie and its Hard, its like starting over...AGAIN lol

LOL I do that with older pedals and such i also like taking the amp apart....

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Guest Gladstone
I don't like playing guitar sat down. As soon as I do, I feel very uninspired and lethargic, and I just want to sleep. When I'm stood up, I feel like I can play better, accentuating the notes I'm playing with more vigour, and I just generally feel more alert. I don't know if that's just me.

I can't play bass sitting down at all. I mean I can physically play it if I really try, but I just feel stifled or something. Even if we're having a wee acoustic type session, and I'm playing my acoustic bass, I have to stand up at the side of the room whilst the other lazy bastards in my band sit down with their acoustic guitars.

We've played two acoustic gigs. One was a warm up for the other one - we sat down on chairs in Tunnel 2, and it was just shite. I really didn't enjoy any of it at all.

A week or so later we were playing in the acoustic tent at a festival, and all standing up. It was brilliant. Standing up just made such a difference.

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Different strap for every guitar i play live and my serious OCD is i wont burst a packet of strings for a single string because i wont use a different brand single string in a set to do a full restring. EEEEEK!

It all started when i was young doc........ Dont worry just hop up on the couch sir!

whoa thats quite bad sir..."what?"...your paying me nothing for this diagnosis...

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