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Towers of london @ the tunnels fri 5th march

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Guest Gladstone
around 100. they were surprisingly really good like, and one of the nicest bands av ever dealt with.

I watched them from a distance (the balcony) when they supported The View at the Music Hall, and I was quite impressed. They were basically just acting like complete cocks onstage, but it was quite entertaining. The songs were actually quite good as well. The singer slipped on beer that had been thrown at them and landed flat on his back, which was the highlight of the set for me.

They were gobbing on people at the front though, which I just fucking hate. If I had got myself down the front to see The View and then been gobbed on by that minky fuckers, I'd be totally raging.

Thankfully I'm too old these days and enjoy music from a safe distance...

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Guest Gladstone
Do you mean Towers never showed up? I couldn't stand them on the show,arrogant so and so.


They didn't turn up at the Tunnels. I spoke to Hen at Drummonds afterwards - he'd been trying to call their agent all day, and just getting nothing.


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