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Looking for an Aberdeen band to support !


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Hi folks

Communicator are coming up to Aberdeen on the 21st of March to play the Tunnels but have been offered a gig in The Gas Lamp on the 20th March.

We are looking for a local band(s) to do the gig with us.

Set wise we are being given 4 hours to fill but could split that 2hours each or maybe add another band on.

Any cover/original bands out there who would like a gig please get in touch.


We are also going to need p/a hire and to share a drum kit if possible.

Thanks all.

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My band used to play there (Morgans) quite a lot maybe going back about 8-10 years. It was always a problem that you couldn't be too loud, our they would get residents complaints - yet Claire's bar (across the lane) used to have Karaoke on at the same time absolutely blaring!

Used to be a bit of a drifting crowd, and essentially we often ended up playing acoustic sets when we gigged there. Not sure what it's set out like these days, been a while since I've been in there.

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