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Brand new Zoom G7.1ut guitar effects processor for sale


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when i say brand new i mean i got it 2 days ago, have used it at home about 3 times and decided that i really dont need this. as most of you know im an active vocalist, and just a guitar player in my spare time. kinda went on a mad spending spree and bought one of these to go with my new 7 string, but its really not for me...its more for a more serious guitarist, and i just cant justify the desk space/price etc

So im selling it on! bought it brand new in box on ebay 4 days ago for 245, but willing to take 210 for it OVNO

it is a really fucking good piece of kit like, full metal chasis, loads of features, and also can be used as a USB recording interface!! handy as fuck, im not gonna say much more ill just link you to this!


Geez a text on 07867 512787 or email: Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com


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