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TC Electronic PolyTune


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We haven't seen much reason to trade up from our ancient Boss tuner in all the years we've been playing guitar, but the new TC Electronic PolyTune might finally persuade us. Billed as the "world's first polyphonic tuner," the PolyTune supposedly lets you tune all your strings at once -- you simply strum away and the display tells you which strings need a tweak. There's also a standard needle mode, two chromatic modes, a real-time stream mode that shows you pitch changes as they happen, and built-in memory so you can lock in your favorite settings. No word on price or availability, but we should find out more at NAMM this week. Check out a video of the prototype in action after the break

Personally I wouldn't be that bothered about getting one or anything as I don't find it much of an effort to distnguish the offending string if out of tune at all.

It seems pretty cool though I guess. As long as it retains the accuracy of, say, the Boss TU-2/TU-3 then it would maybe be worthwhile to people.

I don't know how much they're going to cost either.

Good that you can set it up for drop tunings aswell so that it can adjust so it doesn't tell you that all strings are flat etc.

*Loopholes (I presume) though would be 7 or 8 string guitars.

*Also, if you have an unconvential (non standard shape) tuning, how would it manage it unless you could set tuning "patches" by syncronising it with a computer program to store tunings?

That aside, for standard tuned (or dropped in standard shape) then it's cool.

* These instances being for when it is in "poly" mode and acting on all strings. Obviously, given it being chromatic, it'll handle other tunings/pitches totally fine when in regular chromatic, single string mode (akin to the Boss tuners).

TC Electronic PolyTune tunes all your strings at once -- Engadget

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