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Laptop DVD player help


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hey guys,

currently using a Toshiba Notebook Satellite Pro. Unfortunately I had to reinstall Vista, so I lost all my programs. Upon installing the new drivers that i downloaded from the Toshiba website, everything seems to be working fine... except the program that is "Toshiba DVD Player." Whenever i try to open it it displays the message:

"Module(s) needed for this application is(are) missing. If restarting the application does not fix the problem, please reinstall the application."

Neither restarting, or reinstalling the application works, the driver is as up to date as i can find. I am keen to try and fix this because I have tried downloading patches so i can watch dvds on media player in the past, but i don't like using that program. Any ideas would be helpful, otherwise has anybody got any recomendations for any alternative programs (free) i could get instead of toshiba dvd player.


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