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Recording Bits n Bobs

Alan Badge

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Beyerdynamic DT250 recording headphones - the cheapest ive seen these on line is 117, ive used them a little bit but not abused still in really good condition.

LA Audio di box - Immaculate condition i dont even think its been used cost 55 new.

Art Phantom II power box. Powers 12/48 phantom power mics. These are 45 new. Immaculate.

Art 4 channel headphone amps X 2. One is still in the packaging never removed both cost 40 new.

Two Condenser mics great for vocals and drum overheads/ room mic etc. These are Chinese made but dont retch they sound great and are solid made. I bought them from Bruce Millers for 60 each.

Two FAKE SM 57 Beta's, i got bumped on Ebay. They look authentic and ive A/Bd them with the real thing and the are very very close. Comes with clip and pouch etc.

I listed the new prices so anyone interested can give me sensible offers.

All is in immaculate condition.

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