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Bonesaw, Ablach, Uncalm & Oblivion Incarnate - Sat 23rd Jan @ Capt Tom's

Paul G

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Bring your earplugs to Captain Tom's (11-15 Anne Street) on Saturday 23rd January for:


Ablach - www.myspace.com/ablach - becrusted grindfilth

Uncalm - www.myspace.com/uncalmviolence - 5 piece feral punk

Bonesaw - www.myspace.com/bonesawuk - rotten death racket

Oblivion Incarnate - www.myspace.com/oblivionincarnate - brutal death metal

Doors open at 9:15pm, entry will be 5. There's no bar at Tom's, so if you wanna drink you'll have to bring your own.

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Im sorry but if its a choice of heckling BLD or hecking Bonesaw for ripping off Autopsy, Ablach for being genetic Grind and Uncalm for having Teabags this gig wins everytime :laughing:

Oi!! I'm quite fond of the old genetic grind.

As for ripping off Autopsy .... More like wearing the flesh of our influences on our sleeves.

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