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Pedals etc for sale


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Boss FDR-1 Deluxe Reverb (excellent pedal, but currently surplas to requirements)

mint cond. boxed: 65

Analogue delay (nameless) Very robust pedal, similar sound to old Boss analogue delay, Have gigged with this for a year as my only delay pedal, and found it superb for 50's slapback/ country sounds: 15

Danelectro Fish & Chips 7 Band EQ pedal (used this for a year as a vol/treble boost for lead and worked well) 15

Weber Mass Attenuator. This is big version with the inbuilt dummy speaker. Can be set to 2,4 8, or 16 ohms to match your amp. Unbelievable sound.

This is the 100w version.

Only slight issue is the speaker pot is a bit stiff, and can crackle when turning. However, this doesn't affect the functioning of the unit at all, and it sounds superb. Only selling because I mainly play weddings and functions where a unit like this is unneccessary.

looking for 100


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